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We innovate in the best license-plates on the market… metal-pressed, embossed plates. Ordering yours now couldn’t be any easier and faster with our plate-maker. Choose the type of license-plate that you need and select a frame for that perfect finish.

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Who we are

Gibplates is a newly registered business, producer and supplier of vehicle license plates.

We are innovating locally in metal-pressed number plates, the standard issue for vehicles in most leading european countries such as Germany, France and Switzerland (to name a few) and now starting to find their way onto Spanish registered cars too.

Our blank plates are made from aluminium with retro-reflective properties. The numbers and letters are pressed to precision under hydraulic pressure and the plates are then fed onto a hot-stamping machine ; this burns hot foil onto the raised numbers – the finishing product is second to none.

It might be just a license plate but the amazing bit is the detail in the process…minimal manufacturing tolerances, optimum material properties and a high level of patented engineering ; all this making it possible to make a sophisticated product from a supposedly everyday object such as the license plate.

You’re spending a good part of your money on a car so make it look at its best, make sure to get GIBPLATES.

We also make fun plates, these are great to have for children’s names in bedrooms or you might want to give your premises that automotive look.


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  • DIN certified retro-reflecting aluminium plates
  • Machinery and Raw Material imported from German manufacturers – world market leaders in license plate technology
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  • 100% approved by our local Driver and Vehicle Licensing Department
  • Conforms to British Standards specifications for vehicle license plates BS AU 145d
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  • Metal plates do not crack, split or shatter nor will the numbers fade or smudge over time, unlike current plastic plates
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  • Metal plates are harder for cloners to replicate over plastic ones given the greater resources involved.
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  • Complements your car’s overall look…notably!
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  • Quality frames (included in price) for installing plates without the need for screws
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  • Place order on-line, by email, over phone or at the workshop
  • We hand-deliver (in Gib) free
  • We can install them for you at our premises or wherever your car may be parked
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  • A contribution in helping to reduce the unnecessary use of plastic.

Are you a dealer or a private importer of vehicles?

If so get in contact with us, we offer you the best service in all plate requirements for your vehicles
Our business deals exclusively in producing and supplying license plates which is why we can always be at your ‘beck and call’.
There’s always that demanding customer who wants his newly imported/purchased car processed at lightning speed…contact us and we will deliver!
We also make customised ‘Fun-Plates’ .
Use these for your showroom when showcasing your vehicles displaying their respective model – get them embossed on our quality plates and add that distinctive touch.

How it Works

Most of your typical questions are answered here. However feel free to contact us with anything else you might still like to know about.

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Enter your details in the fields below and submit a photo from ONE of these:
  • ID, passport or driving license
  • And your vehicle log-book
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Select the type of license-plate you require e.g. car, motorbike…etc. then enter your registration number and finally select your frame – our ‘GIBPLATES’ frames are included  in the price. You also have the choice of changing your frame all black or all silver for a small cost.
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Select if you want your plates:
a) delivered to you at no extra cost
b) you will collect from our premises
c) installed by us at premises
d) installed by us wherever your car is parked
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Once you submit this form you will receive an automated reply from us with your ‘order confirmation’ together with the information you need to make payment – your plates will not be made until we receive payment. We accept mobile payments, online payments and cash at our premises.

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5th February 2020

5th February 2020

5th February 2020

5th February 2020

5th February 2020

5th February 2020

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"Excellent customer one to one service!"

“Just got my sons car fitted out with the new gibplates licence plates certainly gives the car that extra touch strong and durable material and excellent customer one to one service even fitted on the spot outside my house! Great service! Recomended to all.”

Paul Dobinson

"Will recommend to everyone."

“Fantastic and reliable service from Gibplates. Extremely happy with my new car plates, they look brilliant! Thanks for the fast response and quick service.

Mr J Ellul

"Very good quality!"

“Very good quality number plates made of metal. Just what I need for all my construction trucks. And I love how they look on my own car👌”

CK Transport

" Loving the silver frame!"

“ Loving the silver frame on my silver jeep. Thank-you Gibplates”

Romina Saccone

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