Can I drill holes into your plates if I want to put them without frames?

Yes you can. The plates are made from aluminium, just make sure to use the adequate drill piece.

How fast can I have my plates done for me?

If the order and payment is received during our working hours we will make them instantly for you.

Can I get my plates in a smaller size for my motorbike?

No sorry. Unfortunately we only work with officially approved sized plates.

What are your opening hours?

We are open Mon-Fri 3:30pm – 7:30pm

Can I have my own wording appear on the ‘lip’ of the frame just like you have ‘GIBPLATES’ on yours?

No sorry these are done for us from Germany and cannot be ordered as individual requests at the moment.

Do I need to get my own screws to attach the plate onto my motorbike?

No need we will provide you with x2 screws with washers, bolts and yellow bolt-caps.

Can I just buy the rear plate only and not the set of 2?

Yes we also sell them individually for either front or rear at £15.99.

Are the black number plates legal?

These plates will NOT pass the test upon car registration UNLESS these are historic plates for classic cars (vintage).